Find the 8

We invented the world's first augmented reality scavenger hunt on Snapchat that had users looking for a virtual "8" in eight cities across America.

The Ask: Celebrate the launch of the iPhone 8 while showcasing Verizon's network. 

The Idea: Find the 8, a digital scavenger hunt through Snapchat. Instead of your average sweeps,
we virtually hid iPhone 8s in 8 cities across the US via Snapchat lenses.



Fast Co. Design "prepare for a new kind of ad to take over your city"
Refinery29 "a first-of-its-kind scavenger hunt on Snapchat"
The Drum "a la Pokemon Go, the game requires participants to actually visit certain locations in the real world"
The Verge "the hunt does involve some neat features and experiences"


The Clues

Below are some clues- could you find the 8 in Los Angeles?

This couldn't have been be done without my partner and clue creator, Zach McKinney.