Taking guys from anonymity to notoriety without the labels.

The Ask: Build Axe’s credibility in Gen-Z guys’ #1 passion point: hip-hop.

The Insight: 91% of music artists are struggling unknowns. And 20 million artists upload to Soundcloud hoping to be discovered as the next big thing.

The Idea: AXE the LABEL, a collaborative program that elevates undiscovered Soundcloud artists out of the comments and into the spotlight - without the help of a music label. All culminating in a SoundCloud playlist, curated by artists Lil Yachty and Zaytoven.

Shorty Winner | Consumer Brand | 2019



The Playlist

Each track was inspired by an actual AXE fragrence. Every lyric, beat and track was reviewed by Lil Yachty and Zaytoven. Resulting in 10 new artists, collabs and tracks. All without the help of a music label.


Lil Yachty and Zaytoven would do anything to promote these 10 new artists. Even if that means dressing up as bodega stock boys.

Lil Yachty and Zay even promoted our winners on social. Each promo video had the winners tagged so they could repost. And on our channels we called them out and linked to their music.


A huge thank you to my Axe spraying partner, Zach McKinney.