More than a conceptual creative, pixel pusher, and deck deviser.

This is me on stage at Shutterstock’s Pixels of Fury. Unfortunately, I did not win but, a lot of people really liked my concept: Y2K Sneakers :)

I am currently a Senior Art Director at DDB. I have also worked at R/GA, MRY, Momentum, and Edelman but apart from an art director, some things about me:

Avid Music Lover - I created a Myspace layout company when I was in middle school then remotely interned for a New York label throughout high school- but didn't tell my parents. Now I make monthly playlists- I have for the past 5 years- and have been a contributing DJ to Aritzia's music selection. 

Seinfeld Enthusiast - I collected the DVD box sets and with every new acquisition I would rewatch all the previous episodes.

Color Collector - For awhile I took a color themed picture per day, and every month was a new color. Scroll my Instagram feed to see the rainbow.

Feel free to reach out and say hello. Especially if want to play Trivia Ad's Seinfeld trivia with me- it's impossible to win but I won't stop trying.