Don't Get Bad Mouthed

Even if your mouth looks fine on the outside, on the inside- it could not be on your side.

The Ask: Listerine wanted to engage current users and newcomers alike to break the cycle of passivity when it comes to oral care. 

The Idea: The “Bad Mouth” is a metaphor that demonstrates the antagonistic relationship between poor oral care and the ambitions of socially-driven millennials. It highlights the importance of your mouth and hyperbolizes the social stigma of bad oral care.


Client: Listerine
Agency: MRY
Executive Producer: Jody Girgenti
Senior Producer: Shannon Barnes
Group Creative Director: James Wood
Associate Creative Director: Leah Butler
Associate Creative Director: Elizabeth Cauvel
Senior Art Director: Anna Elzbieta Haczkiewicz
Art Director: Lindsey Brand
Art Director: Nancy Nystrom
Copywriter: Justin Peele
Photographer: Peter Yang
Talent: Akis Ntonos, Chris Cafero, Stefan Nicholas, Tiffany Chantell Torress, Mary White, Luna Tieu